Why do you NEED a travel agent?

So you’re looking to travel the world, or at least some of it. The best place to start is connecting with a travel agent or even better a travel concierge. Good News! You’ve come to the right place.

A travel agent simply books your travel arrangements and then you’re on your own.  I’ve had this happen and before my trip even started the warm fuzzy feel was gone and I was stuck trying to find a flight to the Grand Cayman Islands because the cruise itinerary my agent provided was off by a day. Fun times. My agent wouldn’t even take my call or help me find a flight.

There are hundreds of reasons to use a travel concierge. We typically will have better connections and access to benefits you won’t be able to get otherwise. We can usually beat any price you find (yes even online). Plus, after we have planned every last detail and you are on your way, we offer the last line of defense if something goes wrong. A travel concierge is like a safety net that you can’t get booking online.  You call us and we will help handle any issues that may arise.

Having a travel agent can get you instant VIP treatment, room upgrades, hard to get dinner reservations, access to exclusive events, security escorts if needed and tickets to sold out shows. Want cappuccinos ready when return to your chartered yacht from your adventure tour of Italy? Text us and we can make it happen for our clients.  Need reservations in a place that has been booked for months, we can help.  We get some of the strangest and some of the most complicated requests, but that’s what makes us stand apart from everyone in the business.  Our business is to make your memories an amazing adventure.

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