Loews Don Cesar

When you see the Don Cesar for the first time, whether from land or sea, the first thought that seems to come to mind “This is a fairytale castle”. It is often referred to as “The Pink Palace” by locals. Pulling up to the Don Cesar you see nothing less than true regal elegance, the towering pink walls meet the sugar sand and turquoise seas while fluffy clouds hurry across an azure sky.


It’s this same elegance that is carried out throughout this astonishing resort. We were given an interesting tour through the hotel. Many renovations have been done to maintain this hotel’s high luxury standards, however,  I’m more pleased with the way they have kept some of the original things that made this hotel so

majestic over the decades. Walking into the two level Grand Ballroom was like taking a trip back in time. You can almost see Al Capone or Babe Ruth sitting at one of the round tables on the second level overlooking the original dance floor.  The original chandeliers and stunning architecture created a “Great Gatsby” feel throughout the hotel.  During our tour we were told that the original owner passed away in the forties, however it’s said that he stayed around to oversee the daily operations.  He is often seen greeting guests or walking through the gardens. I didn’t get a glimpse of him during our stay, but I did enjoy the breathtaking views and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

This is the perfect place for a family vacation that truly feels like you are getting away. They offer luxurious amenities that cradle adults in creature comforts, while providing fun free activities for kids and families throughout the day.

Don Cesar

One thing that stood out during our stay I was the level of service that is provided to each guest.  Whether it was a family or couple they were each greeted with a kind smile and enthusiasm.  Relaxing by the pool, a pool attendant is always passing by your lounge chair to take your drink or food order or dish out a smoothie sample with their compliments. There was always fresh fruit flavored water available as you grab your towels.  The food offered poolside was delicious with a fun flair.  I had the tarpon springs Greek salad while my friend enjoyed the bacon wrap hotdog served in a pretzel bun.  Yes, I had to try it and it was so delicious.  This is the ultimate tropical getaway….a place where you could spend many happy hours recumbent on the beach, sipping piña coladas or rum runners or enjoying planned family activities.  Honestly, we chose the Don because of the location and world-class spa…But it turned out to be so much more.

If you like your beach vacations in a big resort environment with more of a boutique feel or you want to take a step back in time without giving up todays luxuries, The Don just might be the one you’ve been looking for all along.

Contact us if you’d like to book here or other luxury resorts: CLCLuxuryMgmt@gmail.com

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